Monday, June 13, 2011

Darth Bane Trilogy Review

simply put: the darth bane trilogy is amazing. wonderfully written by drew karpyshyn, the three books follow a man named dessel as he rises from a cortosis miner on apatros to the sole dark lord of the sith - the fabled sith'ari.

darth bane does more for the sith than anyone before or after him, and as much as i'd like to go into detail about what all that encompasses - i will just leave it at the fact that i highly recommend these books to anyone with an interest in star wars.

"two there should be; no more, no less. one to embody power, the other to crave it."
- darth bane                        

i was considering doing a review of the two available old republic webcomics, but i feel that would be better suited for when i write my knight errant review; john jackson miller just gives off more of a comic vibe, even in his purely written work - so possibly more on that in the future.

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