Monday, May 2, 2011

About SWTORe (The Old Republic Experience)

the time has finally come - i had decided that i wasn't going to make any posts here until i finished all the current old republic era literature and had everything set up the way i wanted. granting this is not a huge task, it has helped make the wait and anticipation for SWTOR that much easier and greater, respectively.

there's a special brand of nostalgia one experiences when looking at old screen shots from video games they've played - and this is much more prevalent when it comes to MMOs and other RPGs where you have spent a lot of time nurturing your character into awesome-hood. a lot of people also know how it feels to lose those screen shots - whether it's from computer problems, forums dying, or just the general passing of time. because of these things, i wanted to have a place to gather all of the memories and experiences dealing with SWTOR that are important to me. it's looking to be an incredible blend of the aspects that i value most in games, and in all honesty i would be happy just to play each of the eight stories through; the fact that there is an MMO side makes it that much better.

since there are so many great resources for SWTOR information already available, i won't be using this blog to regurgitate game news or updates. that being said, i will be commenting on things that i feel i have an opinion on. once the game releases i will only be using screen shots and videos that i have taken myself, or that i am in. this blog is about recording my SWTOR experience and sharing it with anyone who may have had a part in it or may just be interested in the game.

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