Monday, May 16, 2011

Thoughts on the Game #001

it's monday again, and i'm playing with the idea of making this little hobby a weekly installment. naturally this will be a much easier process once the game comes out, but right now as long as i don't force myself to post i feel i am accomplishing a goal of some sort. keeping with the theme of making all of this sound much more official than it actually is, let me begin the first edition of Thoughts on the Game.

other than finally getting to play it, it's hard to say what i am looking forward to most about SWTOR. at first it was the prospect of off-tanking on a jedi knight, but as my friends came into the fold of sort of planning out what we were all going to roll as our main characters, my tastes began to corrupt a little. in general, the group of friends i'm going to be playing SWTOR with are split pretty evenly when it comes to opinions of the light and dark sides of the force - which has led to many a friendly, intoxicated discussion, to say the least - despite varying levels of interest in the star wars universe. ultimately it was the fact that bounty hunters are technically imperial that shifted my character plans to the dark side. as it stands now, out of the three people i will primarily be playing with there are two bounty hunters, a sith sorcerer healing, and me main tanking on a sith juggernaut.

A Sith Juggernaut, filled with the power of the dark side.

while i still prefer the play-style of the light side and plan to play all eight classes through to the end of their stories, the idea of investing most of my time into a sith character helped spur me on to try and learn as much about both sides of the force as i could. reading everything i can get my hands on from the sith era has helped me build a framework for how i want to play a dark side character. learning about characters like darth revan, malgus, and bane has given me a much better feel for the philosophy of the dark side which i plan to incorporate into my decision making for SWTOR.

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